Cambridge Innovative Solutions (Cam2) is a boutique investment sourcing firm headquartered in the U.K. with investment directors in Oxford, Cambridge and London.

We are a team of experienced Life-Science specific professionals with backgrounds in academic science (Biology, Chemistry and Medicine) and entrepreneurialism.

Cambridge Squared specifically conducts activities in 3 distinct areas:

Sourcing of Life-Science & Medical Device Investment Opportunities

We can source projects ranging from preclinical through to on-market licensing/ M&A deals across any geography including the US, EU and Asia-Pacific.

Due-Diligence and Venture Evaluation

In tandem, with the investment sourcing practice we also offer scientific due diligence and preliminary evaluation services. As scientists by training, we dig into the details on potential investments and flag any concerns for future review. Results are presented in an easy to read report format and can be supplemented by in-person presentations, where we are happy to discuss the finer points of potential investments.

Market Landscaping

We are also able to offer, due to our close ties to world leading biomedical institutions, a grass roots approach to academic project landscaping. We are able to identify the groups most relevant to the client and contextualise this with respect to current scientific developments.

To date we have sourced and evaluated hundreds of early stage – Series B projects for our international clients, with an investment rate four times higher than the industry benchmark.

To find out more about our services and how they can benefit your portfolio, please email us today