At Cam2 we accelerate your potential to innovate. We tap into our networks of experts at the world’s foremost innovation clusters to offer consulting services tailored to your specific needs.

Sourcing of Life-Science & Medical Device Investment Opportunities

Innovation and expansion are key components of any company’s strategy. Acquiring and investing in new assets or state of the art technologies offers companies a way to stay ahead of their competition, as well as the opportunity to diversify and improve portfolios and pipelines. Cam2 understands this dynamic and is strategically positioned to scout and evaluate new pharmaceutical assets and medical technologies. We offer services for directed or undirected technology scouting as well as technology appraisal and evaluation.

Technology due diligence and expert witness

In tandem, with the technology and investment opportunities sourcing practice we also offer scientific due diligence and preliminary evaluation services. As scientists by training, we dig into the details on potential investments and flag any concerns for future review. Results are presented in an easy to read report format and can be supplemented by in-person presentations, where we are happy to discuss the finer points of potential investments. By tapping into our networks of experts across the world’s leading innovation clusters, Cam2 offers a thorough look at the asset or technology in question. Camis aptly positioned to provide due diligence and expert witness services for new healthcare technologies.

Licensing agreements

Parties on both ends of a licensing agreement can incur significant losses through ambiguities and insufficient or flawed technology assessment. Combining scientific expertise and experience in technology commercialisation, Cam2 ensures a deeper understanding for clients both in-licensing and out-licensing technologies. We provide expert opinion and technical interpretation together with commercial advice in order to extract the most value from the licensing terms. We can work with advisory teams of both parties and support the negotiation process. We are a multinational, multilingual firm and as such are able to operate in a diverse range of settings. Whether the parties in question for such licensing agreements are local or of contrasting national backgrounds, we are confident in our ability to bridge any cultural divides and make the transfer of technology more transparent.

Innovation strategy consulting

At Cam2, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our technological fields. We think creatively and implement technical solutions on a daily basis. We also understand the complex relationships between the stakeholders in the innovation implementation process. We work with academics, early stage startups, large multinationals as well as regulators, healthcare delivery professionals and policy makers. By selectively tapping into our expert network across a multitude of disciplines, we can tackle challenging business problems of any nature. We tailor our engagement team specifically to the needs of our clients for their particular challenge. As such, we are especially well positioned to handle the innovation strategy challenges our clients face.

Corporate communications

At Cam2, we work with large multinationals, venture capitalists and early stage innovative startups and as such we are uniquely positioned to understand the unique language and requirements of all parties. Whether you want to build your company’s reputation as an innovation thought leader and the go-to partner for early stage collaborations and licensing, or you want to understand what an investor needs to see in a pitch deck, we can help. We worked with top global Pharma companies supporting them at over 200 innovation meetings and conferences and with proof of concept startups helping them to put together winning business plans & investor and partnering pitch decks.