The infectious disease market has experienced significant shifts over the last decade. There has been significant growth in the antivirals sector which more than doubled in size from 20 billion USD in 2010 to 50 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to continue growing over the coming years. Vaccines are another area expected to expand rapidly over the next decade. 

We are interested in innovative companies developing new anti-infective therapies, focused both on targeting the pathogen as well as enabling the host immune system to respond more effectively. 

In particular we are interested in new approaches representing significant paradigm shift in relation to treating hepatitis B and C as well as HIV antivirals including integrase inhibitors. We are also keen to hear from biotech companies developing antiviral vaccines in particular against influenza, varicella and tetanus. 

Another area of our interest covers novel antibiotics against Multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative bacterial strains and new diagnostic solutions allowing efficient identification of bacterial pathogens.